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How to say I feel you in Japanese and some phrases to cheer up your friend or lover! 【with audio of native pronunciation】

When your important friend or lover is down, the best way to support them is to say “I feel you.” Everyone appreciates it when someone says “I feel you” when they are in a hard situation. We’ll share about how to say “I feel you” in Japanese for your Japanese friend or lover in this article! JustinaOne of my friends had a hard time. How can I say “I feel you” in Japanese? You can say like "(friend name )の気持きもちよくわかるよ (~no kimochi yoku wakaruyo)" to your friend!Atsuya How to say I feel you in Japanese. ~の気持(きも)ちよくわかるよ (~no kimochi yoku wakaruyo) When ...

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