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Dagashi – All about Japanese penny candies

You might have had sweet memories in your childhood when you got penny candies from the pocket money that your parents gave you. That excitement when you go home with the candies you got would be unforgettable. Penny candy is called “dagashi (駄菓子(だがし))” in Japanese. Dagashi has a huge variety of types and has a long history. We will introduce Japanese penny candies in this article. Let’s take a look at sweet Japanese memories! What is dagashi 駄菓子(だがし)? Dagashi (駄菓子(だがし)) are cheap candies and snacks for children. They have many varieties and each one is packaged in a colorful wrapping ...

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How to say boiled egg in Japanese.

Boiled egg is called ゆで卵(たまご) (yudetamago) in Japanese. ゆでる(yuderu) is a verb meaning “to boil.” When you want to say boiled food in Japanese, the structure of phrase is same as English: boiled+food name, ゆで(adjective meaning boiled)+たまご(food name). Various ways to say boiled egg. Different people have different preferences for the hardness of their boiled eggs. Some people might like soft-boiled eggs, and other people like hard-boiled eggs. We will share about how to express the hardness of a boiled egg and various ways to say boiled egg! Soft-boiled egg/半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで卵(たまご) Boiled egg with a soft yolk is called 半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで卵(たまご) (hanjuku-yudetamago) ...

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How to say fried egg in Japanese! Sunny side up, over easy and over hard.

In Japanese, fried egg is called 目玉(めだま)焼(や)き (medamayaki). 目玉(めだま) means “eyeball.” It’s called that because the yolk of the egg is round like an eye. Japanese people think of fried egg as breakfast or an easy lunch. 目玉焼き There are a lot of ways to fry an egg. In English, people have their eggs sunny side up, over-easy and over-hard. These words illustrate whether a person likes to have one side fried or both sides, or the yolk soft or hard. Today we’ll share how to say fried egg in various way! Different ways to say "fried egg." When you say ...

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Grandma's favorite Oshiruko recipe! Japanese sweet red bean soup with mochi.

Oshiruko(おしるこ) : Japanese sweet red beans soup with grilled mochi! Oshiruko おしるこ Oshiruko (おしるこ) is a traditional Japanese treat made out of red azuki(あずき) bean soup with mochi (もち) !  It’s often eaten in winter, as the dish is served warm, but it can be eaten in any season. Oshiruko has been eaten as far back as the Edo period, right after farmers began growing sugar.  Azuki beans あずきまめ Azuki beans naturally grow all around East Asia. In Japan, they’re the second most cultivated legume, right after the soybean. You’d think so, since they’re used in many traditional Japanese treats besides ...

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