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How to say boiled egg in Japanese.

Boiled egg is called ゆで(たまご) (yudetamago) in Japanese. ゆでる(yuderu) is a verb meaning “to boil.”

When you want to say boiled food in Japanese, the structure of phrase is same as English: boiled+food name, ゆで(adjective meaning boiled)+たまご(food name).

Various ways to say boiled egg.

Different people have different preferences for the hardness of their boiled eggs. Some people might like soft-boiled eggs, and other people like hard-boiled eggs.

We will share about how to express the hardness of a boiled egg and various ways to say boiled egg!

Soft-boiled egg/半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで(たまご)

Boiled egg with a soft yolk is called 半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで(たまご) (hanjuku-yudetamago) or 半熟はんじゅくたまご (hanjuku tamago).

半熟(はんじゅく) (hanjuku) means half-ripened in Japanese, and it’s usually used to express how ripened fruit is, like a banana. When you say it with boiled egg, 半熟(はんじゅく) expresses how cooked the yolk is.


It is totally fine to say やわらかいゆでたまご (yawarakai yudetamago) too! やわらかい means soft in Japanese.

Hard-boiled egg/ (かた)ゆで卵

If you want to say that you like hard-boiled eggs, you say (かた)ゆで卵 (kata yudetamago). 

(かた)い(katai) is an adjective and means hard. It’s okay to say (かた)いゆで(たまご) (katai yudetamago), too.


Soft-boiled egg is called 半熟はんじゅくゆでたまご, so when you want to say hard-boiled egg, you can say 完熟かんじゅくゆでたまご (kanjuku yudetamago). This literally means "fully-ripened boiled egg" or simply "fully-cooked boiled egg." 

Ramen egg/(あじ)()(たまご)

You probably have seen ramen topped with a boiled egg before.  This is called "ramen egg" in English. Ramen eggs are a little different than boiled eggs because they are seasoned with a shoyu and mirin mixture.

Ramen eggs are called 味付(あじつ)(たまご) (ajitsuke tamago/seasoned egg) in Japanese. In a ramen shop, it is usually called (あじ)(たま) (ajitama).

Onsen egg/温泉卵(おんせんたまご)

An onsen (hot spring) is one of the must-go sightseeing spots in Japan. You may have heard of the onsen monkeys before! Every onsen town has a boiled egg called an onsen egg. It’s called 温泉卵(おんせんたまご) (onsen tamago).

What in the world is an onsen tamago!?

Onsen tamago is an egg slow cooked in boiled water the same temperature as hot onsen water (60~70℃).

It is a boiled egg, but the egg white and yolk are not hard at all. It is actually very good!

You don’t have to go the onsen every time when you want to get them. You can get onsen tamago even in the super market! A popular pairing with onsen tamago is dashi soup.

Black egg in Hakone


One of the best onsen towns in Japan is Hakone (箱根). You'll probably see black eggs when you go to Oowakudani Valley (大涌谷) in Hakone. They're called 黒たまご (kurotamago). 

They're boiled in the onsen valley and the eggshell is covered in iron by the onsen gas.

Black eggs (kurotamago) taste just the same as a normal boiled egg. But it is said that you can live seven years longer if you eat the black egg! 

If you want to know more about black eggs, here is official website of Oowakudani black egg museum!



  • Boiled egg - ゆでたまご
  • Soft-boiled egg - 半熟はんじゅくゆでたまご 
  • Hard-boiled egg - かたゆで卵
  • Ramen egg - あじたま
  • Onsen egg - 温泉卵おんせんたまご 
  • Black egg - 黒たまご

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