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How to say boiled egg in Japanese.

Boiled egg is called ゆで卵(たまご) (yudetamago) in Japanese. ゆでる(yuderu) is a verb meaning “to boil.” When you want to say boiled food in Japanese, the structure of phrase is same as English: boiled+food name, ゆで(adjective meaning boiled)+たまご(food name). Various ways to say boiled egg. Different people have different preferences for the hardness of their boiled eggs. Some people might like soft-boiled eggs, and other people like hard-boiled eggs. We will share about how to express the hardness of a boiled egg and various ways to say boiled egg! Soft-boiled egg/半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで卵(たまご) Boiled egg with a soft yolk is called 半熟(はんじゅく)ゆで卵(たまご) (hanjuku-yudetamago) ...

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