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Dagashi – All about Japanese penny candies

You might have had sweet memories in your childhood when you got penny candies from the pocket money that your parents gave you. That excitement when you go home with the candies you got would be unforgettable. Penny candy is called “dagashi (駄菓子(だがし))” in Japanese. Dagashi has a huge variety of types and has a long history. We will introduce Japanese penny candies in this article. Let’s take a look at sweet Japanese memories! What is dagashi 駄菓子(だがし)? Dagashi (駄菓子(だがし)) are cheap candies and snacks for children. They have many varieties and each one is packaged in a colorful wrapping ...

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Asukayama park, One of the most famous Cherry blossom spot in Tokyo.

Asukayama Park (飛鳥山公園) There are many famous cherry blossoms viewing (ohanami) spots in Tokyo. Ueno park, Shinjuku-gyoen, and Chidorigafuchi are really famous ohanami spots, but there is another great place to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo! It is Asukayama kouen (or Asukayama Park) which is located in Oji area, 20 minutes by train from Tokyo Station! Asukayama Park is not as big as Shinjuku-gyoen or Yoyogi park, but it has 600 cherry blossom trees, so you can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms up close! JustinaWe will share about what Asukayama Park is like! Cherry blossoms are so beautiful!! Asukayama ...

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How to order drinks at Starbucks in Japanese! 【Native Japanese way】

Everyone wants to enjoy their trip with what they want to eat and drink. It's one of the most important things for a great stay in Japan. Do you want to drink your favorite coffee in a Japanese Starbucks? Great! Here is a perfect guide on how to order drinks at Starbucks in Japanese! JustinaWe'll share not only how to order, but also what to do when you don't understand what the staff said! How to order drinks at Starbucks in Japanese The basic order is the same as in any other country. You tell them the size first, a ...

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Imperial palace running: a famous running course in Tokyo!

Tokyo is a great town for entertainment and travel, but it is also a great town for exercise. 皇居(こうきょ)ランニング(Koukyo running, or imperial palace running) is the nickname for a famous course for joggers and runners that spans around the imperial palace of Japan. The course is popular for office workers working in Tokyo because the imperial palace is in the center of the Tokyo business area. Some people do koukyo running before or after work. In this article, we will talk about koukyo running, covering the course, manners, and how to enjoy koukyo running. AtsuyaKoukyo running is a must-run course ...

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