Japanese Food

Grandma's favorite Oshiruko recipe! Japanese sweet red bean soup with mochi.

Oshiruko(おしるこ) : Japanese sweet red beans soup with grilled mochi! Oshiruko おしるこ Oshiruko (おしるこ) is a traditional Japanese treat made out of red azuki(あずき) bean soup with mochi (もち) !  It’s often eaten in winter, as the dish is served warm, but it can be eaten in any season. Oshiruko has been eaten as far back as the Edo period, right after farmers began growing sugar.  Azuki beans あずきまめ Azuki beans naturally grow all around East Asia. In Japan, they’re the second most cultivated legume, right after the soybean. You’d think so, since they’re used in many traditional Japanese treats besides ...

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