Japanese words and idioms related to cat!

Cats are the best animal in the world. Everyone loves cats. They are cute, sweet, and make us feel warm and fuzzy. As almost all languages have cat words and cat idioms, Japanese has many words and idioms which have “cat" (猫(ねこ)) in them, too. Some of them are understandable out of the Japanese context, but some of them are based on Japanese cultural ideas for cats. In this article, we are going to learn 7 cat words and cat idioms which Japanese natives are using in real life! -Cat Words-猫ねこのつく言葉ことば 猫舌(ねこじた)(Neko-jita) 猫(ねこ) (Neko) means “cat” and 舌 (した)(jita) means ...

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