just kidding


How to say "just kidding!" in Japanese【with audio of native pronunciation】

It’s always fun to crack jokes with your friends. When you tell a joke, you probably say “just kidding” or “I’m kidding” after the joke. We’ll share how to say “just kidding” in Japanese in this article. Justina There are lots of phrases that mean “just kidding” in Japanese! Atsuya We’ll also share about how to apologize when your joke was too much for your friend! How to say “just kidding” in Japanese 冗談(じょうだん)だよ When you want to say “just kidding,” you can say 冗談(じょうだん)だよ(jodan dayo). 冗談(じょうだん) means joke. だ is an auxiliary verb for determining something. よ is a ...

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