sweet tooth


How do you say sweet tooth in Japanese?

あんこ餅 (もち)(Ankomochi), お団子(だんご) (odango), たい焼(や)き (taiyaki), and まんじゅう (manju). In Japan, these delicious treats tempt people into their sweet and yummy traps all the time! People who love sweets are called “甘党 (あまとう)(Amato)”. In this article we are going to learn how to say sweet tooth in Japanese! We will also learn about other Japanese words related to sweet tooth! 甘党(あまとう)(Amato) 甘党(あまとう) (Amato) is a person who likes eating sweets more than drinking alcohol. So it is similar to the meaning of sweet tooth in English! Recently, 甘党(あまとう) is just used for people who like sweets, but the correct way ...

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