How do you say sweet tooth in Japanese?

あんこ (もち)(Ankomochi), お団子(だんご) (odango), たい()き (taiyaki), and まんじゅう (manju).

In Japan, these delicious treats tempt people into their sweet and yummy traps all the time!

People who love sweets are called “甘党 (あまとう)(Amato)”.

In this article we are going to learn how to say sweet tooth in Japanese!

We will also learn about other Japanese words related to sweet tooth!


甘党(あまとう) (Amato) is a person who likes eating sweets more than drinking alcohol. So it is similar to the meaning of sweet tooth in English!

Recently, 甘党(あまとう) is just used for people who like sweets, but the correct way to say 甘党 is when you compare it with drinking alcohol.

(あま)い means sweet and (とう) means a group of people! とう is often used for political parties.

If you really like sweets more than alcohol, you are definitely 甘党(あまとう)!

I love chocolate and sweets, but I don’t drink alcohol. So I’m 甘党あまとう
I’m not 甘党あまとう because I like drinking alcohol, too…lol

甘党(あまとう)例文(れいぶん) Examples




I have a sweet tooth!




He has a sweet tooth even though he doesn’t look like it.  

You might wonder, "What does a person who has a sweet tooth look like?" Stereotypically speaking, Japanese people imagine people who like sweets to be girly and cute. So, if you see a someone who is not girly and cute and has a sweet tooth, you can say the above example sentence!


There is a Japanese word which has the opposite meaning of 甘党あまとう.

It’s 辛党(からとう) (Karato)! 辛党(からとう) is a person who likes drinking alcohol more than eating sweet foods.

When you see the kanji (から), you probably think it means spicy food.

But for 辛党(からとう), (から) doesn’t mean spicy. It means having a strong alcohol taste.

Why you can’t say 辛党(からとう) for people who like spicy food?

A long time ago, Japanese people used to say “辛党(からとう)” for people who liked eating salty and spicy food, too, but the meaning of 辛党(からとう) has changed to people who love drinking alcohol. This is because most of them like eating salty or spicy food with alcohol!





You should give him alcohol rather than sweets because he prefers to drink alcohol!




I like alcohol more than sugar, so I don't want that cake!

If you want to say you really love spicy food, you can say からものき (Karaimonozuki)” or げきからき (gekikarazuki)” for yourself! Justina, you like spicy food, right?
Yeah I love it!  So I’m 甘党あまとう and げきからき!

のん兵衛べえ (nonbeh)

There is another word for people who prefer to drink alcohol.

Japanese people call them (のん)兵衛(べえ) (nonbeh).

Japanese use (のん)兵衛(べえ) more than 辛党(からとう), but it sounds little bit negative. (のん)兵衛(べえ) gives the image of getting wasted on alcohol. So you should be careful when you say it!

I say のん兵衛べえ only for my dad and close friends!

Which are you? 甘党あまとう or 辛党からとう

Japan has many political parties, such as 自民党(じみんとう)(the liberal democratic party) , 立憲(りっけん)民主党(みんしゅとう) (the constitutional democratic party of Japan), 共産党(きょうさんとう)(the communist party), and more. 安倍元首相 (Former Prime Minister Abe) is from 自民党(じみんとう)(the liberal democratic party)!

Even if you are not a politician, you are probably in “甘党あまとう” or “辛党からとう”!

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